Businesses that have a professional website with an online booking system convert more potential customers into actual bookings

( And lose fewer customers to competitors )

Whether you already have a website (but it’s super outdated and it’s time for a new one) or if you don’t have a website for your business yet… I can help! With my web design service, I create a custom-made website, making sure your website perfectly captures the uniqueness of your riding holiday.

Daphne Vlietman Web Design

The biggest benefits of working with me:

Your horse-riding holidays are amazing. Now it´s time to get more clients to experience it!

Working with Daphne is very pleasant, I would definitely recommend her! She communicates clearly and working with Daphne allows you to switch gears quickly, because she understands your needs!

- Ghatiedja Khadje

Daphne Vlietman Jumping

How will a professional website help you increase your direct bookings?

Are your goals to:

Let me help you achieve those GOALS!

Imagine being able to relax in the evenings, and spend time with family and friends, while new bookings are automatically coming in!

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I can help you create a STUNNING website that generates more direct BOOKINGS and helps you achieve financial stability!

This is for you if you want a website that:

These are the steps we take:

01: Free Match Call

Let’s plan a video call and see if we are a match. If we are both happy, we will discuss the starting date and I will send you the quotation. Then it’s time to plan a content session!

02: Content session

I will send you a questionnaire about your business in advance, so we can get started right away. During the video call we discuss the branding of your company, the structure, and your wishes for your website: which pages do you need, what does your menu look like, etc. We work out the structure per page, so you know for which parts you have to write texts. And I make a Word file for each web page and put it in our shared Google Drive folder, where you can add and fine-tune your texts!

03: Kick-off

It’s time for me to start building the website! And for you to deliver the content (texts, pictures and videos) in our shared Google Drive Folder.

04: Feedback

I will create the first pages of your website, which we will finetune until you are completely happy. This way the overall style of your website is fixed! Then I will continue building the other pages, which will match perfectly with this.

05: Optimization

For the finishing touch, it’s time to make sure everything works perfectly on your website. I will check the page speed, improve the SEO and set up email marketing automation, a booking system, and secure payment.

06: Maintenance

After I build your website, I offer a monthly maintenance subscription, to keep your website up to date and make changes if necessary, or add new testimonials, pictures, blogs, etc. And I will also make backups and updates to keep your website secure and improve the performance of your website. This way you don’t have to worry about working with ‘’difficult’’ systems. But of course, you can also choose to maintain your website yourself, in that case, I will explain to you how to do this in an easy way.

Your investment

I offer this amazing web design service for only


if you book NOW!

*I also offer pricing packages, to let you pay over time.

These pages are all included:



Home, About, Horse riding holidays, Accommodation, Contact

Depending on the kind of riding holidays you offer we can decide which pages your website needs to have.

These are the essential pages of your website and have all the information on them, potential clients want to read before making a booking.



Max. 3

I create confirmation pages. Like, if someone sends you a message or books a riding holiday, I will forward them to a page, where you can thank them and possibly take follow-up action.

For example, let them fill out a form with questions like their height, weight, riding experience, diet, special requests, etc. Or ask them to follow you on social media.



Overview & page-template

This page is if you are interested in sharing blog posts on your website, this will help with the findability of your website in Google.

I will then create a page with an overview of all the blog posts and a page -template for your blog post. And I will show you exactly how to add new posts to your website.



A customized 404 page, in case one of your links doesn’t work. Which will redirect potential customers to the right page on your website, so you don’t lose them.  


Terms and Conditions

Your Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer as a web page


Instagram links page

I will create an Instagram links page for your bio. I make a special page on your website with links to different pages of your website.

And these systems are included:



I set up an online booking system, to enable customers to book directly on your website.



I set up an online payment system, so when someone makes a booking, the person can immediately make the payment to complete their booking.



I set up an automatic email system, which will automatically send emails after someone makes a booking.

  • A fully adapted website for mobile and tablet
  • Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so potential clients can easily find your website on Google.
  • I optimize your images by scaling them and cropping them where necessary, so they fit perfectly into your website. And I compress them to speed up your website.
  • A contact form with a spam filter
  • Cookie consent, completely GDPR-proof (this is mandatory for websites in Europe)
  • I link your website to your Google Analytics account and Google search console, to track all visitor statistics and measure your website’s search traffic and performance

Nervous to say yes?

We’ll first Schedule a Free Match Call to answer all your questions and discuss the process before you commit!