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My Mission

Helping hard-working business owners of horse-riding holidays generate more direct bookings, increase their profit and run a successful business without stress.

Hi, it's me


Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to work with horses. Since I was around seven years old, me and my parents would go on ‘’Pony camp’’ with our horses. Every year we went to a nature reserve in the Netherlands for a long weekend, and go on beautiful outrides. I loved these pony camps and this made me realize I want to start my own company with horse riding holidays.

I decided to study Equine Business Management in the Netherlands, where I learned everything about business administration, marketing and sales, starting a business, and becoming an international business advisor.

I did my internships abroad with companies offering horse riding holidays, so I could learn from them. First I went to Poland, to an Irish Cob stud farm, offering multiple-day treks. And in my final year, I went to South Africa twice. I completely fell in love with this country and decided to get my guiding qualifications to become a guide in Big 5 Game Reserves, and for the past 3 years, I have worked as a manager and guide with horse riding safaris. 

About Daphne Vlietman

This makes me happy

Traveling, watching the sunset & sleeping under the stars!

me photography

Even though I love South Africa, I first want to explore other countries before I settle down. While I travel I still want to work in this industry, but using a different skill I have learned over the years: web design.

During my time in South Africa I worked as a Virtual Assistant on the side, to make some extra money. I built online academies for Dutch entrepreneurs, made changes to their websites and kept them up-to-date.

I would love to use this knowledge and experience to create a professional website for you, and make your life a little easier (and more profitable)!

Get To Know Me

Some Random Facts about me:


I love camping! Last year I went on a road trip through Namibia for 6 weeks, without a fridge… I survived mainly on peanut butter sandwiches and canned curry with couscous!


The beach is my happy place! I love watching the ocean and seeing the sunset. 


I got a tattoo in memory of my horse Spice men.


I am a trails guide and on my first sleepout, I got charged by a group of lions in the middle of the night *scary*

My horses

I grew up in the saddle, and could ride a horse before I could read. When I was only 5 years old I learned to ride on my Shetland Pony, named Nido. When I was a little older my parents got me an Arabian horse, named Spice men. My parents had an Irish cob mare, named Nina, and later a Royal Dutch Sport Horse, named Sowhat. Since the moment I was born, every day has been about horses! 

Spice Men
Spice men and Sowhat
nido en ik

If you really know me, you would know that

I am vegan

I was a vegetarian from a young age and recently I switched to vegan. First of all, because of animal welfare, but also because of climate change (I care a lot about sustainability and nature conservation).

African Elephant

For the past 5 years I lived in South Africa

I completely fell in love with South Africa after I did my internship there in 2017. Especially their beautiful nature and wildlife are what attract me to South Africa.  Ps. my favorite African animal is an elephant!

me and my sister

I am the youngest in my family

My brother and sister are both older than me and when they started traveling, their pictures and stories inspired me to also want to travel. 


I am a big fan of the outdoors!

Especially primitive trails, where you take everything you need with you in your backpack: food, clothes, sleeping bag, etc. You sleep under the stars, dig in the riverbeds for drinking water, and become one with nature!


I am a beginner (wildlife) photographer

Since my time in South Africa and seeing lots of wildlife on game drives, I really got into photography. I bought myself a nice camera with a big lens and started taking it with me every day on gamedrive, trying to capture the perfect wildlife shot!

Cookie Policy

I have the urge to explore the world!

I would love to go to all the continents, visit national parks, meet new people, explore new cultures and go off the beaten track!

Let's work together

Create a website that clients can't resist!

I will create a custom-made website, making sure your website perfectly captures the uniqueness of your riding holiday. It will include an online booking system and an automatic email system, to keep the bookings coming in without requiring your attention. Afterwards, I also offer a maintenance service, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining your website or dealing with these systems.